Criminal Defense

Talk to attorney Tony Maynard to establish the best defense for your case.


Attorney Tony Maynard gathers the facts surrounding your arrest.

Family Law

A family law attorney helps you settle family disputes and establish custody.

Juvenile Law

Make sure your child has the representation they need.

The Law Offices of Thomas Maynard Is Here for Your Family

Talk to our attorney about cases involving divorce, child custody and juvenile law in Lebanon, TN

Divorce can be a messy and stressful thing to go through and you shouldn't have to face it alone. There are so many different factors that can affect the outcome of your divorce agreement and settlement, that likely require the attention of an experienced divorce attorney. 
Save yourself stress, anxiety, and pressure by turning to a reliable divorce attorney in Lebanon, TN that will fight for you and your rights. The Law Offices of Thomas Maynard have the knowledge, experience, and determination to win your case in Lebanon, TN.
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Don’t Let a Legal Dispute Ruin Your Life

Hire the Law Offices of Thomas Maynard a family law or criminal defense attorney in Lebanon, TN

There are times in life when you reach a crossroads and need an attorney to help guide you through the storm. The Law Offices of Thomas Maynard will always do what’s best for you and your family when it comes to legal situations, such as:

He collects all the facts and details of your case before establishing the best defense. In cases involving family law, attorney Tony Maynard is able to keep emotions separate from the goals you have for your family. Schedule a free initial consultation with a family law attorney in Lebanon, TN.

Hire an attorney who will go to trial on your behalf

Tony Maynard became a licensed attorney in 2005. From the first day, attorney Tony Maynard has worked tirelessly for his clients and always makes sure they have the legal support they need. He’s not afraid of trial and will take your case to court without hesitation if it is in your best interest. He works diligently to meet the goals you set and takes pride in offering affordable prices. Contact the Law Offices of Thomas Maynard today to speak with a criminal defense and family law attorney serving the Lebanon, TN area. Attorney Tony Maynard also works with clients in the Wilson, Trousdale, Macon, Smith and Jackson areas.

Attorney Tony Maynard also takes care of personal injury cases

Attorney Tony Maynard is also available to handle cases involving general civil law. Don’t hesitate to call when you need a lawyer for cases, such as:

Property line disputes
Personal injury
Collection cases

He wants to be sure you have the legal assistance you need. Call 615-784-4677 today to hire a personal injury lawyer in Lebanon, TN.