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Tony did a good job for me. He worked with the DA and got me a much reduced charge . His fee was reasonable and he worked several months on my case. I would recommend him to anyone in the Lebanon, TN area. 

Joseph P.

Tony is an exceptional lawyer! He made a huge difference in my life and is the most trusted lawyer you could ask for. I was in a difficult situation and Tony gave me the best possible result. Tony did what another lawyer in town promised he could do for a fraction of the cost. If you're in need of legal help, you won't regret having Tony on your side. The best of the best!

Roderick G.

The best experience with a lawyer that I have ever had! He was genuinely concerned with the best interest of my child. He is special needs and it was very scary when he got into trouble. He took the time to reassure us and did JUST what he told us he would do. A lot of times in the industry he is in, the atty is out just for the money and what he can get out of the case. He was NOT like this. He was DEFINITELY on our side! THANKS to Tony and your staff for a job VERY well done!

Ted H.

Tony and his firm are professional and quick with results you need. He personally made our family feel secure and confident in his ability to get the best result for our situation. I would chose him again without hesitation.

Jane W.

Tony has been a very helpful attorney. He let me know upfront the procedure of the case and possible outcomes after going over his information. Professional and knowledgeable. I feel that Tony is a gentleman and does his business well.

Cameron S.

Tony is an exceptional lawyer and I truly would not have wanted anyone else representing me during such a difficult time in my life! Tony was professional, knowledgeable, prepared, kind, honest, and kept me informed every step of the way; he knows what he is doing and I would recommend him to anyone looking for help. To this day (even though court is over for me personally) I can reach out to him for legal advice which is extremely comforting! Tony goes the extra mile to make his clients feel confident, and it was my pleasure to have him as my lawyer. Thanks for everything Tony:)

Shannon C.

Tony is a great Attorney and a great person. He cares about his clients, and makes every effert to do what is fair. I have known him for a long time. He has always impressed me with how he handles everything he does with a professional manner and takes it to heart. He cares about people, has a great attitude, open and honest. I have experienced other Attorneys that charge high fees and the quality of service cannot be compared to Tony Maynard. His fees are very reasonable and absolutely worth it! He has represented both of my sons and I never worried knowing he would do what was best. I recommend him for his great service and will never think of consulting with another Attorney. Thanks to Tony he has been good to my sons and myself, and provided the guidance we needed. It is a great feeling knowing you will receive proper representation and care. Thank you Tony Maynard for all that you have done for my family! You are wonderful!

Renee T.

Great lawyer! Down to earth

Lee S.